Peravia AirBend

The old dream about flying, has now become a reality. Start to fly like a bird anywhere you want!

Our solution enables you to be independent from the infrastructure. You can fly whenever you want and wherever you want. Our solution is so simple that we can travel cheaper than by car. Not only do uou save money, but also time. Taking off from inside the building and landing in another building will no longer be a dream. Providin range up to 300 km it greatly increases the living space compared to travelling by car.

Our goal is to create a vehicle that allows you to travel from point A to point B without using the infrastructure. And this is not about flying from one skyport to another. We have a solution that allows you to start from the apartment on the 10th floor and fly to the office on the 20th floor.


The unique design makes the vehicle optimized in terms of construction. Propulsion integrated with the wing uses natural construction spaces. All tension have been reduced to a minimum and in this way we can build lighter structures compared to all other known solutions.
The GB propulsion units integrated in the wing structure generates thrust in every direction on a vertical plane. Depending on the scale, the thrust generated by every 10 cm of wings is between 100 - 200 N. Therefore, with a two-wing configuration, the total thrust generated by 4 one-meter sections of the wing will be from 4000 to 8000 N. 
Our technology guarantees energy loss in hover mode lower than 15%. Accordingto this, it is not profitable to complicate the structure by using neither turnable wings nor tilt rotors because the weight and complexity of such structure increases significantly.