Proof of concept

Once upon a time, there were fairy tales about people travelling on flying carpets. Simply flying from point A to B - one of the very first dreams of humanity. Now we discovered how it works. And our solution is rather simple - all thanks to the new unique

Gravity Beyond Propulsion System

At this time there are more than 250 enterprises worldwide that are working on their own VTOL Concepts. Our concept is completely different in comparison to other solutions. We developed a system without tilt rotors or without tilt wings. Quite simple, light, efficient and safe. Our vehicles can take off vertically and immediately move on to horizontal flight. There is no need to use dangerous propellers, complex joints or any moving parts. Simplicity is the strength of GB propulsion system. This unique solution for VTOL vehicles allows us to build numerous kinds of aircrafts. We believe it can create brand new dimension of commuting that will completely change our impression of travelling - making it faster, easier and more convenient.

We believe in personal aviation.

The IDEA provides you to be independence from the present infrastructure. You can fly whenever and wherever you want. Simplicity of our solution makes traveling even cheaper than it is by car. It is a win-win answer for your needs - saving money and time. Taking off from inside of the building and landing in another will no longer be a distant dream. Providing range up to 300 km it greatly increases the living space compared to travelling by car.


But how does it all really work? In each of the drive units we have two fans driven by electric motors, which are controlled according to our individual algorithm. The thrust can be generated in different directions parallel to the vertical plane. At the same time, the efficiency of the propulsion unit in hover mode is above 85%. The conclusion is simple, it doesn't pay to construct tilt wings or rotors. Just use the Gravity Beyond propulsion system. And fly wherever you want. It doesn't matter if you want to get to work quickly whether go on a mountain trip


Safety is the most important factor. Our solution is based on a distributed propulsion built into the wings structure. Even failure of any engine would not impact the safety of the plane - numerous engines will provide safe and reliable emergency-landing.


The unique design makes the vehicle optimized in terms of construction. Propulsion integrated with the wing uses natural construction spaces. All tensions have been reduced to a minimum and in this way we can build lighter structures compared to all other known solutions.
Of course, lower weight generates greater efficiency and increases safety. Each GB unit is equipped with two EDF's which for example with a diameter of 100 mm form a total thrust of 100 N and with a diameter of 200 mm a total thrust increases to 400 N .